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My name is Patricia Pataki. I am a fully qualified, BACP registered, experienced counsellor offering short-term and long-term counselling and psychotherapy for adults. I am based in the Custard Factory close to the Bullring in Birmingham city centre.

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I offer a warm, safe and confidential environment to support you with whatever you choose to bring to counselling.

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Why choose therapy?

I personally believe that there are many ways to achieve a higher level of personal fulfillment and emotional wellbeing, but none of them are as direct as therapy is. Therapy with a professional counsellor and psychotherapist is the quickest and safest way to understand and overcome the difficulties you are experiencing.

Also – what’s the harm in trying? You could always give it a go, to see if it feels right for you. There is no commitment – it is your right to end counselling whenever you wish to do so.

How to find a professional counsellor?

Professional counselling can be life-changing. I believe a professional counsellor must "either help or do no harm" and it is essential to have the right qualifications, experience and commitment to stay up-to-date.

  • Qualifications

    In addition to a Master’s degree in psychology, I completed a 2-year Level 3 Diploma in counselling and I am currently in the final year of a 3-year psychotherapy Master’s degree; so I have over 4 years of therapy focused training under my belt.

  • Membership with a professional body

    I am registered with BACP, a professional regulating body, which means I subscribe to their ethical framework and I must engage in at least 30 hours of further training each year as part of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme.

  • Regular supervision

    I have a professional supervisor who is also a registered member of BACP and I see them regularly.

  • Insurance

    I hold professional indemnity insurance.

  • Work environment

    It is not considered good practice to work from one's own home; I rent therapy rooms in counselling centres.

  • Contract

    I will provide you with a contract regarding your therapy, including the general terms and conditions, the overall goals of the therapy, the length and frequency of therapy sessions, and the cancellation policy.


Free consultation over phone (10-15 mins)
Individual psychotherapy session: £50 / 50 mins
Concession price: £45 / 50 mins

Find out more about my fees and cancellation policies.


To enquire about my fees or to book an appointment, please get in touch via the contact form, email or phone.


Some of the issues I work with:

I am equipped to deal with any type of difficulty; these are just some of the common issues I have experience working with. I can work with you whether you have a mental health diagnosis or not. I can also work with you if you are on prescribed medication for a mental health problem. I am not a doctor however, so I cannot prescribe medication.

Problems With Mood

  • Low mood
  • Depression
  • Coping with mood swings
  • Anhedonia (loss of joy)

Pysical Problems

  • Health anxiety (worrying about becoming ill)
  • Managing chronic pain and fatigue
  • Living with a chronic illness / disability
  • Being a carer


  • Stress management
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Developing a healthy life-style
  • Help with weight loss


  • Generalised anxiety (excessive worrying)
  • Social anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias, such as agoraphobia

Eating Disorders

  • Anorexia
  • Binge eating
  • Bulimia
  • Emotional eating

Relationship Problems

  • Overcoming problems within the relationship
  • Creating a healthy relationship
  • Sexual problems
  • Divorce / breakups

Developmental Disorders

  • Learning disabilities
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Asperger's syndrome
  • ADHD

Overcoming Trauma

  • Death of a loved one, grief
  • Child abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Emotional abuse

Family issues

  • Parenting difficulties
  • Conflicts, arguments
  • Blended-family, step-parenting
  • Adoption